Choosing the perfect time to sell your home can be difficult. When asked, most real estate professionals say the best time to sell your home is during summer. Summertime means better weather, more vacation time, and less stress from holidays or work. While you may have chosen one of the best seasons to sell your home, there are some simple tips for selling your Central Alabama home in Summer 2019.

Here are 5 HOT Tips for selling your Central Alabama home in summer 2019 that will make the entire process feel like a breeze.

1) Not So Personal

We are all aware that we should have a clean home when trying to sell, however, don’t forget the family photos. The goal is to help make the property feel like a blank slate as much as possible while still making a homey feeling. Ultimately, you want potential buyers to be able to come into the home and imagine themselves living in it, not your family. This one tip plays a big part in the psychological part of drawing the potential buyer in and successfully bringing about a sale of your  Central Alabama home in summer 2019.

2) Keep it Cool

When it comes to tips for selling your Central Alabama home in summer 2019, this one is close to the top. As you know it gets HOT in during the months of June—September.  And one major turn off for a buyer is walking into a warm home.  They automatically assume there is a problem with the AC System, and either start discounting the sales price for a need repair, or thinking they need to move on.  Your goal should be to keep your home cool (even cooler than normal) during showings. This will make your home more inviting and feel like a safe place to hide from the heat of Central Alabama.

3) Outdoor Appeal

Curb appeal is always important when selling your home. As soon as your home goes up on the market, people will start doing drive-bys just to get a sneak peek. Consider your front yard as the advertisement for what is on the inside. Summertime is easier because you can easily freshen up your gardens, keep the trees trimmed, keep the lawn green, and even power wash your driveway and sidewalk. While you’re out there, freshen up outdoor living spaces in the front and back yard. Outdoor living is important to a home sale in Central Alabama in 2019.

4) Smell-o-vision

The secret is in the details and everyone will be looking at those details. One of the tips for selling your Central Alabama home in summer 2019 is to enhance the buyers experience through their nose. This is another psychological aspect that gives buyers the illusion that your property is well maintained. Choose mild scents that are not gender specific.

5) Value Pricing

There is a saying, “every home sells for the right price.” What that means is, the seller has control of the price, but a house only sells for what a buyer is willing to pay.  During this 2019 Summertime season in Central Alabama, the market is beginning to turn slightly towards the buyers. This means there are more houses on the market, giving buyers more options and flexibility. The question to ask yourself is, “does your house come with an easy-to-understand price tag?”  The true answer to that question will be answered either with a SOLD sign, or an Expired Listing. The professional REALTOR should be able to assist you with a price that makes you and buyers comfortable.



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