Deb – Your FULL-SERVICE Agent


Deb Long is a FULL-SERVICE real estate agent in Birmingham Alabama

Did you know that behind the scenes in one single transaction I will research, review, meet, contact, schedule, coordinate, oversee, send, provide and negotiate over a hundred and seventy items on your behalf?



  1. Provide Pre-Listing Book to Seller via email or Postal Mail
  2. Schedule Listing Appointment
  3. Research Comparable Properties
  4. Research Sales for the past 6 & 12 months
  5. Research Average Days On Market
  6. Research Tax Information
  7. Research & Verify Property Ownership and Deed Type
  8. Research & Verify Flood Elevation
  9. Ascertain the need for a Lead Base Paint Disclosure– Required by Federal Law
  10. Prepare “Comparable Market Analysis” (CMA) to establish market value
  11. Prepare Listing Package & Documents
  12. Meet with Seller
  13. Discuss Sellers Goals
  14. Present CMA Results to Seller
  15. Share with Seller an Overview of Current Market Conditions
  16. Explain the “Pond” Report
  17. Share with Seller “Odds of Selling” Report
  18. Share with Seller “Neighborhood Buying Patterns” Report
  19. Share with Seller “Time to Sell” Report
  20. Share with Seller Absorption Rate for the Community/Area
  21. Discuss “Buyer Eyes”
  22. Review Scattergram which shows the Trend Line for the Community/Area
  23. Offer Pricing Strategy based on Sellers Goals
  24. Review Potential for Multiple Offers with Below Market Pricing Strategy
  25. Review the Listing Process
  26. Review the Marketing Steps
  27. Explain each Parties Roll During the Listing Period (Sellers & Agent)
  28. Review AL Agency Law
  29. Review Listing Documents
  30. Review Multiple Listing Service policy and documents
  31. Provide list with Preferred Vendors
  32. Discuss offering a Home Warranty
  33. Discuss “coming soon”
  34. Discuss Communication Guarantee
  35. Discuss Certified Pre-Owned Homes
  36. Discuss Listing Cancellation Policy — 100% GUARANTEED!
  37. Prepare Seller Net


  38. Sign Listing Agreement
  39. Review Seller Documents—Title
  40. Review Seller Documents—Deed
  41. Review Seller Documents—Survey
  42. Review Seller Documents—Old Appraisal for Square Footage
  43. Review Seller Documents—Termite Service Agreement
  44. Review Seller Documents—HOA etc.
  45. Verify Loan Information if applicable
  46. Discuss Sellers Preference for Showings
  47. Discuss Possible Buyer Financing
  48. Calculate Average Utility expenses over the past 12 months: Water, Gas-Natural or Propane, Electric
  49. Verify Security System and Sellers preference about leaving
  50. Explain the Benefits of Offering a Home Warranty
  51. Obtain Extra Key
  52. Obtain List of Upgrades/Repairs from past years from Seller
  53. Get from Seller completed “Listing Worksheet”
  54. Arrange for Installation of Professional Signage
  55. Arrange for a professional signpost with flyer box
  56. Arrange for Installation of Lockbox
  57. Assist with Property Evaluation and the List of “Must Dos”
  58. Arrange for 1-hour of Staging Assistance
  59. Prepare MLS Profile Sheet
  60. Enter Property Information into the MLS
  61. Review Info
  62. Scan all Documents and Send To Seller for Their File
  63. Enter Listing in Transaction Management Software – Transaction Desk
  64. Arrange for Professional Photos and Video
  65. Send Photos to Seller for approval
  66. Send Video to Seller for approval
  67. Create Seller Brochure from Photos
  68. Send to Seller for Review and Approval
  69. Place Print Order for Approved Seller Brochure
  70. Create Exterior Flyer “Virtual Open House”
  71. Send to Seller for Review and Approval
  72. Place Print Order for Approved Flyer
  73. Order Custom Sign Rider, if applicable
  74. Verify Completion of “Must Do’s”
  75. Purchase Web Address Domain
  76. Create Home Owner Guide if applicable
  77. Create QR Code
  78. Create House Specific Website
  79. Create “coming soon” ad on FB
  80. Email database of “coming soon” opportunity
  81. Discuss “how to’s” for accepting/declining a showing
  82. Discuss how showing Feedback is received & disbursed
  83. Provide Showing Guidelines to Seller
  84. Discuss Open House Dates and Process


  85. Activate the Listing in the MLS where 4,400+ area agents have access to the information
  86. Electronically submit for syndication
  87. Electronically submit video to
  88. Set up Auto Reports Through ListHub
  89. Submit to Buyer Classified Sites (Zillow, Trulia, etc.)
  90. Post on social media sites
  91. Set up auto update through MLS
  92. Send listing flyer to In-House Agents
  93. Send listing to Agents with Prospective Match
  94. Send listing to Buyers in My Database
  95. Send “Just Listed” e-postcard to my database
  96. Send letter to neighbors inviting them to “virtual open house”
  97. Deliver Seller Brochures and Exterior Flyers to Seller
  98. Plan & Schedule Open House
  99. Run FB Ad for Open House —10-14 days prior to “MEGA Open”
  100. Bi-Weekly Phone Calls to Seller with Updates
  101. Put out directional signs for Mega Open House
  102. Purchase Gift Card for Open House
  103. Purchase Balloons for Open House
  104. Purchase Drinks & Snacks for Open House
  105. Print Flyers for Open House Visitors
  106. Report outcome to Sellers via telephone
  107. Report outcome to Sellers via email
  108. Deliver Balloons to Directional Signage
  109. Weekly meeting with team to discuss steps executed & what’s left to do
  110. Address Price Adjustment According to Seller Goals
  111. Submit Price Adjustment to Office and MLS
  112. Submit Print Ads When Applicable
  113. Reprint Brochures/Flyers As Needed
  114. Invite area Brokers/Agents to tour
  115. Host Broker Open House with a minimum 10 day lead time
  116. Consider for Office Caravan
  117. Promote property at BAR and GAMLS events
  118. Provide “Open House” with licensed REALTOR® at seller request
  119. Promote home at weekly sales meetings
  120. 120. Send Seller original copies detailing all Marketing Efforts
  121. Provide Seller with a copy of the standard contract so they can become familiar
  122. Make available someone on the team to answer questions
  123. Rewrite copy as needed
  124. Schedule Print Advertised as needed
  125. Cooperate with fellow REALTORS® regardless of Buyer offer terms, Race or Religion
  126. Pre-qualify inquiring buyers to avoid wasting Sellers time with “shoppers”


  1. Review Offer to Purchase with Selling Agent
  2. Verify Buyer’s Ability to Purchase with Lender
  3. Obtain Pre-approval Letter for Buyer from Lender
  4. Evaluate Offer and Prepare Estimated Net
  5. Meet with Seller
  6. Counsel Seller on Offer by Explaining Merits and Weakness of the Terms
  7. Provide Negotiating Options for Seller to Consider
  8. Prepare Acceptance or Counter-Offer for Seller
  9. Send Acceptance or Counter-offer to Selling Agent/Buyer
  10. Repeat Steps 76-80 Until Win-Win is Met by All Parties
  11. Once an Offer is Accepted, send Signed Contract to Selling Agent/Buyer
  12. Once an Offer is Accepted, send Signed Contract to Title Company
  13. Once an Offer is Accepted, send Signed Contract to Attorney
  14. Once an Offer is Accepted, send Signed Contract to Office
  15. Once an Offer is Accepted, send Signed Contract to Seller
  16. Once an Offer is Accepted, Up-date MLS with Required Notations
  17. Record & Promptly Deposit Buyer Earnest Money Funds into Escrow Account
  18. Update Property Management Software
  19. Advise Seller on Handling Additional Offers
  20. Advise Seller on Inspection Procedures
  21. Coordinate Inspections with Seller and Buyer (Home, Termite, Septic, Survey, Other)
  22. Assist Seller with Repair Request from Buyer after Inspections
  23. Follow-up with Selling Agent Regarding Inspection Requests
  24. Follow up with Closing Attorney to verify transaction is moving along
  25. Follow up with Buyers lender to verify transaction is moving along
  26. Follow up with cooperating agent to verify transaction is moving along
  27. Verify Proper Paperwork is signed
  28. Schedule Appraisal with Seller
  29. Provide CMA Used when Listing
  30. Follow Buyer Loan Process with Frequent Phone Call and Emails
  31. Provide Title Commitment to Selling Agent and Buyer
  32. Help Seller find their next home


  1. Coordinate Closing with Sellers, Buyer and Selling Agent
  2. Remind Sellers to Cancel/Transfer Services (Mail, Security, Subscriptions, Newspaper, Utilities, etc.)
  3. Verify Inspection Repairs are Completed
  4. Order Home Warranty for Buyer
  5. Schedule final walk-thru
  6. Arrange possession and transfer of keys
  7. Review all Closing Documents Carefully for Errors
  8. Assist Seller with local moving vendor
  9. Coordinate with Sellers Next Purchase for Convenience
  10. Have a “No Surprises” closing
  11. Change MLS status to SOLD
  12. Close-out Listing in Management Software
  13. Celebrate with Exceptional Sellers!