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This Is Where YOU Make Your Property Shine Above The Others?

Before you list your Birmingham home for sale, you will need to spend some time and money getting the property in pristine, Buyer-friendly condition so it garners you the highest possible purchase price.  First off, repair anything that is obviously broken.  A cracked window pane or a door that down not close property may not bother you, but it gives the impression that You the homeowner are careless about maintenance. If a Buyer has this opinion about your property it will cost you thousands in the long run, probably two or three times the cost of the repair.

While you may think you need to spend thousands on a new bathroom or paint your entire home, you should first consult a professional real estate agent who understands what Buyers in Birmingham (or your surrounding community) market are looking for.  I can also help you determine what, if any, updates you should consider to meet your time frame.

At a minimum get rid of clutter, pare down your personal photos and deep-cleaning every inch of your home. All are cost-free steps that go along with to improve your home’s appeal. When you list your house, it must attract the attention of qualified buyers eager to get into a property like yours. Otherwise, your house may take longer to sell and you may not get the price you expected.

To Stage or Not To Stage

Staging is a strategic marketing tool designed to show a property in its best possible light.  Professional stages and many REALTORS believe in the power of this technique no matter what market. Potential Buyers can see all the possibilities and Sellers can get top-dollar with a quicker sale.

Below are some simple ideas when staging your home for Buyers:

  • Detach yourself from your home
    The process of staging takes the focus of your home away from you and puts it on the potential new owners.
  • Focus on the front
    Buyers make up their mind within the first thirty seconds.  Make a great first impression.
  • Know your Buyer
    The new paradigm is a targeted approach capturing the likely buyer pool through specific design styles the will resonate with them.
  • Match your decor with your home’s style and price range
    Buyers are looking for a place to establish themselves.  It is all about creating a lifestyle that meets the expectations of the most likely Buuery for your property.
  • Consider Color
    The colors you use depend on where you live. Metropolitan markets are leaning toward a more vibrant style, while urban areas tend to work better with neutrals and more traditional colors.
  • Accessorize Wisely
    Decluttering is important, but once you have things looking streamlined, try layering back in a few accessories that telegraph the lifestyle you want your home to project.

There should not be any forgotten spaces in a house for sale.  It is all about square footage.  Put every closet and nook to work by fitting in smart storage or furniture, and your space will seem not only bigger but more appealing and usable to potential Buyers.  The goal is to make Buyers feel that they could drop their bags and move right in.

As a service to my clients, they are provided a 1-hour consultation with a professional stager.  This is my gift to my clients for trusting me.

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