Selling with Caveat Emptor


Selling in a Caveat Emptor State

In Alabama, our state statute practices the doctrine of Modified Caveat Emptor. The term Caveat Emptor means that the burden is on the Buyer, absent any disclosure from the Seller or the Seller’s real estate agent.

I want to help you navigate this state policy and provide strategies and resources to help your sale be a successful one. My years in the business, specifically serving my foreclosure clients through the Mortgage Meltdown of 2008-2010, have given me an in-depth understanding of Caveat Emptor. More importantly, I now use my in-depth understanding of Caveat Emptor to protect my clients from future claims or litigation.

I would like the opportunity to discuss this with you in detail, offering suggestions to help ensure you and your sale do not end up in litigation after closing.  So let’s meet for coffee and I can share with you my strategy for selling your property for the highest possible price while making the process easy for you?

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